In todayís retail environment, itís vitally important to have new and existing employees up to speed and functional on the first day to eliminate any down time. Datasymís POS systems are designed to be easy-to-learn and use allowing your staff to quickly familiarize themselves and adapt.

Our Professional Training Program was implemented to help ensure that each employee is fully functional and prepared from the very first day. Professional Training allows for fewer mistakes resulting in improved productivity, morale, reduced turnover, and an overall stronger bottom line.

To further meet your needs, Datasym offers training in a variety of locations. We will come to your location, on-site at Datasymís Head Office or different regional sites if you require. Our training programs are also available electronically which can be used as a refresher course for existing employees, or as a training option for new employees.

Datasym will tailor training programs that will custom fit your needs.

Here are some examples of what is available:

  • Terminal Operation for in-store staff
  • Operational Head Office Software for back-office admin staff
  • Repair Training for larger companies who prefer .tighter control over day-to-day operations by performing their own hardware maintenance & repair

Datasym POS, at your service, call (877)512-9954 or email contactus@datasym.com to find out which service would best suit your needs!