POS Systems

Whether you're looking to create a state of the art, high speed, touch screen POS system complete with scanner, scale, and LCD customer displays, or if you're looking for a more compact, more traditional looking cash register with industry and class leading functionality and flexibility, Datasym has the hardware and software to customize a solution that meets your needs, and exceeds your expectations!

Datasym utilizes the same software on our entire line of POS hardware, eliminating the compatibility issues that other POS hardware and PC based systems face when combining different POS configurations or adding additional terminals as your business grows. With Datasym, you have the flexibility to customize your POS hardware to match your business.

In addition, POS systems from Datasym make use of Flash-ROM technology, allowing new features and software upgrades to be downloaded directly to the POS system, without the need for costly hardware upgrades or system down time.

For an overview of Datasym PRO Software features
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  • Surveillance System Interface
  • 150 Departments
  • 999 Sub-Departments
  • Bottle Deposits
  • 4 Tax Tables/ Rates
  • 4 Paid Outs & 4 Received on Accounts
  • Configurable Management Overrides (with Passwords or Badges)
  • Custom Data Collection
  • 999 Macros
  • 20 Tender Types
  • Suspend & Resume Sales From Multiple Transactions
  • Standalone Operation not Dependant on a Server/Master
  • Employee Time & Attendance
  • WIC Sales Mode
  • Electronic Journal
  • Manufacturer's Coupon Scanning
  • Item or Department Level Discounts
  • 9 Discount/ Surcharge Options
  • Cashier Productivity Reports Reporting
  • Periodic Totals
  • 5 minute Software Upgrades
  • Programmable Keyboard Layouts
  • Cash Declaration- Blind Balancing
  • Training Mode
  • Open Drawer Timer (audible alert tone)
  • PADSS Certified (for PCI Compliant Systems)
  • House Charge Accounts
  • Penny Rounding
  • Program Upload / Download to USB

     Peripheral Interfaces

  • Scanners, Sales & Combinations
  • Magnetic Card Reader
  • Slip Printers
  • Up to 4 Cash Drawers
  • Barcode Label Printer
  • Pin Pad
  • DVR
  • Check Reader
  • Receipt Printer
  • Wireless Hand Held for Price Lookup
  • Coin Dispenser
  • Terminal Initiated Polling

Which System Is Right For You?

Choosing Datasym means choosing a company that is committed to helping you make the right choice for your business.

For help deciding which Datasym POS System is right for your needs, you can reach us by phone at 1-877-512-9954, by email at sales@datasym.com, or simply fill out our online information request form and a Datasym representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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