POS Software


Symfinite, Datasymís robust POS Database Management Software, is a multi functional program that enhances the abilities of our POS Systems providing more options! It is comprised of several different modules that you can utilize together or choose the one thatís right for you.

SKU Module

  • Unlimited SKU ability
  • Automated importing
  • Integrated SKU editor allows real time item changes,
  • Integrity checker monitors database for errors

Payment Processing Module

  • Fast, secure electronic payment authorizations, through online TCP/IP connections to reduce transaction times to as little as 2 seconds
  • Ability to process through Com port or IRC connection
  • Integrates with several different processors

Gift Card Module

Previous Balance Module

  • Manage customer accounts with database editor
  • Unlimited Previous Balances

MICR Module (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition)

  • Allows tracking of bad check writers Ė prevents future transactions
  • Monitor loyal customers to create loyalty programs
  • Identify alphanumeric accounts up to 40 digits.

Datasym Symfinite Software is affordably priced with maximum functionality! Datasym POS, at your service, call1-877-512-9954 or email contactus@datasym.com for more information.

Symfinite Brochure PDF