Service Logistics

Some companies would have you believe that their products fit your needs without ever trying to find out what your needs are. Our POS Systems and Software products are created from specific market & client demands. We also believe that each customer should get the attention they deserve so we go the extra mile to ensure that they are satisfied get a POS System that is a Solution, not just a product.

Service Logistics encompasses all three stages of assessment and planning:

  • Study and assess your situation to determine what your current POS needs are.
  • Customize and install your new POS system maximizing the benefits to your business.
  • Plan for easy transition upgrades to meet the potential needs of future growth.

The essence of the Service Logistics program is to maximize the productivity of your business, and maximize the benefit of your POS System. Ask us to create a program for you, or choose from any of our wide range of programs including:

Operations Analysis
Store operations are studied and recommendations are made as to how to improve processes in order to maximize the benefit of your Datasym POS System. Additionally, our goal is also to make the conversion to your new System as seamless as possible, so as to minimize any potential disruption of your storeís operations.

Needs Analysis
Our goal is to make certain that your new Datasym POS System is fully integrated with every facet of your business, so it can provide the greatest advantage for each level of your storeís operation. Our Planners will meet with you to discuss your needs & objectives, work closely with your in-store staff and audit internal meetings at head office. A complete business review of your operations ensures your System will meet the needs for now and years to come.

Peripheral Evaluation
Our technicians run compatibility tests to see if your existing peripherals function with our systems which could save money. Also test any new peripherals you choose to ensure they will function with your Datasym POS System. This service is also valuable for future planning (i.e., if you decide to upgrade and require the addition of new peripherals).

Keyboard Design/Production
To help minimize the potential gap in staff productivity, with the switchover to a new System, we can customize the design of your System keyboard. We also co-ordinate the key topping of your new System at our factory prepping it so it is ready prior to the Rolloutís first shipment.

Project Implementation
Probably the most stressful part of the entire process occurs during the Rollout design and co-ordination. Our Project Implementation program directly reduces that stress as we assume all the tasks at hand. We will design a Rollout plan & schedule, obtain dealer quotes for your approval, implement the approved plan, co-ordinate equipment delivery, installation, training & testing, and document the entire process, both for future reference and to ensure that no mistakes are made.

Consulting Services (Specification Development)
We work with you on an ongoing basis, during each planning stage, and use information obtained in the consultation phase, to help ensure that your POS System operates with the highest efficiency on a day to day basis, and is positioned to handle the challenges of future growth.

Custom Documentation
For the purpose of training & future reference, we will design, test, and finalize user manuals, manager manuals, and store procedures Ė all of which are customized to fit your specific needs.

Program Design
As a final step in the implementation of your new POS Solution, Datasym can also custom program each Terminal to meet your specific requirements. This further helps to ensure that the transition to your new System is virtually seamless.

Datasym POS, at your service, call (877)512-9954 or email contactus@datasym.com to find out which service would best suit your needs!