HSA/FSA Processing

90% Rule not living up to expectations?

Many merchants, who thought they were covered by the 90% rule, are now experiencing a significant number of card declines due to the Card Issuers' refusal to accept transactions from 90% stores. If the 90% rule is costing you business, Datasym's nationwide network of dealers can have a system installed and running in about 2 weeks or less*.








*Mastercard and Visa approval process may take longer. This process is out of the control of Datasym, its dealers, SIGIS and the credit card processor.

Are you Losing Business?


Does Your POS System Accept Health/Flex Savings Account Debit Cards?


Have you missed the July 1, 2009 deadline requiring you to have a
compliant SIGIS-IIAS Point of Sale installed? If so, you could be losing
valuable business.

Boost your sales and attract business from Health/Flexible Savings
Account (HSA/FSA) participants with an Inventory Information Approval
System (IIAS) compliant POS system from Datasym.

SIGIS provides a list of eligible UPC's* to assist retailers in
determining which items are eligible for use with Health/Flexible
Account (HSA/FSA) cards. At the checkout, the Datasym XR650 will
identify eligible IIAS items and separate them from the other
taxable/nontaxable items in that transaction. The customer can pay for
the eligible IIAS items with their HSA/FSA debit card and then have the
option to pay the balance with their credit/debit/gift cards, cash or

The Datasym XR650 is the only SIGIS certified ECR (Electronic Cash
Register) to offer independents who currently are not accepting HSA/FSA
debit cards the opportunity to implement an affordable solution. The
ability to accept the HSA/FSA cards will promote more business and
increase your revenue. Merchants find the ease of use and training for
cashiers, hardware reliability, and low purchase/ownership costs of a
cash register provide a great competitive advantage.

The SIGIS approved Datasym XR-650 with full POS capabilities starts at
$2,499 (MSRP**) per lane providing excellent value to pharmacies, grocery,
convenience stores and more. No monthly fees required!


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*SIGIS Membership required **Price includes barcode scanner. Scanner choice may effect price. Price does not include SIGIS EPL importing software or HSA card processing software of $1175 (MSRP) per store.