About Us

Headquartered in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, Datasym serves a dealer channel as well as major accounts across North America. Regional managers are responsible for the respective dealers in their geographical regions and Corporate Account Managers directly serve our Major Accounts.

The people of Datasym are innovative and excited by challenges. They actively contribute to every aspect of the business, working as a team to continually improve and expand our product lines. Our market research group constantly explores new ways to better meet the needs of each and every one of our customers. Our Strategic Alliance Partner Program, introduced in 2001 was another way to ensure this would be achieved. Their offerings compliment our product line and allow us to fulfill a more diverse range of customer requirements.

Currently we provide POS Systems for multiple market segments including: Grocery, Closeout, Fast Food, School Lunch, Liquor, Cafeteria, Bakery, Craft/Hobby and Specialty Retail.

History of Datasym

In business since 1984 Datasym has become a recognized leader in the development of exceptional POS Systems. Although PC based systems were gaining popularity 25 years ago, retailers were still hesitant to switch from their cash register systems. There was a comfort level with their current systems, however, they were not able to deliver the sales information that was, and still is vital to business owners.

There was a need and Datasym came up with the solution. We developed our own PC circuit board specifically designed for the ECR. The development of this board became instrumental in changing the state of the ECR world and Datasym became known as the “Genius Within”. With the board installed, a basic cash register transformed into an intelligent machine with PC functionality. Our polling software, Comm2000 gave retailers the ability to collect sales data and configure systems to satisfy their own needs.

In 1996 Datasym made a progressive move creating and branding our first POS terminals. Several different lines have been introduced since then. Our research and development team continue to introduce new and innovative software products to compliment our growing business.

Datasym has made its mark in the industry as a dedicated, forward thinking company that is always evolving in an ever changing marketplace.

1984 Company Founded
1987 Relocated From Burlington to Brantford
1990 Received Canadian Business Excellence Award
1991 Received Brantford Regional Chamber Of Commerce Business Excellence Award
1996 Introduced Own Branded POS Terminals, 2020/2010
1998 Introduced New Line of POS Terminals the 6000 Series
Introduced Symfinite SKU Lookup Database Software
1999 Acquired Additional 10,000 Sq Ft of Manufacturing/Warehouse Space
2000 Introduced the 3000 Series POS Terminal
Introduced School Soft Meal Management Software
2001 Implemented Strategic Alliance Partner Program
Introduced Symfinite Payment Processing Module
2002 Received ICRDA/SDA Gold Medallion Award for Best Overall Vendor
2003 Rick Sterne Receives Global Traders Leadership Award
Merlin Modular POS System Launched
Received Bronze Medal for Outstanding Sponsor in POS Systems/Software
2004 Enters OEM Agreement with Uniwell
2005 Launches XR650 POS terminal
Introduced Symfinite Gift Card Module
Honored By Trade Publication
2006 Received Bell Award for Technological Advancements
Lands spot on Top 10 Leaderboard for Integrated Hardware Systems
2007 Announces Hobby Lobby to Roll Out 4000 Terminals
2009 Datasym Inc. in restructured
Datasym POS Inc. is new corporate name
Datasym software gets PA-DSS certification required for PCI compliant installations
2010 Datasym Relocates all Brantford Operations to one building at 45 Dalkeith Drive
Launch of EliXR modular in June
2011 Launch of EliXR with Touch in August
Launch of XR651 in October
Launch of EliXR Duo in October
Launch of EliXR Mini in November
2012 Announce solution with Chase Paymentech and Global Payments in Canada
Partnership with Godex for barcode printing solutions
Announce 2D scanning solution for Age Verification at cash register
2013 Silver Award for Hardware & Software at RSPA RetailNow